A Life Worth Dying For

Brothers and Sisters,

My son-in-law, Josh Howard, and I wrote Christian Extremism because God laid this message on our hearts. As Christians, we’ve been called to something bigger than this life and this book is a call to action for Christians to get out of their comfort zones and become Christian extremists.

In Christian Extremism we tell personal stories, as well as stories and testimonies from people who are living an extreme Christian life. If you would like to learn more about the book, read what others are saying or purchase the book, please visit www.christian-extremism.com. 100% of the proceeds go directly to CICM.

Thank you for your continued love, prayers and support. We are grateful for you.

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Click above to visit Christian-Extremism.com!


“Christian Extremism: A Life Worth Dying For portrays God’s extreme love and sacrifice for us through compelling stories and strong challenges. If your looking for a book that will challenge you to do great things for God, this is the book. Ajai Lall and Josh Howard make a strong case for living an extreme life and a life you will not regret.”  —Dave Ferguson, Lead Pastor of Community Christian Church


God’s blessings to you,
Ajai Lall

Drought Update & Thank You

We are excited and honored to share with you how the Lord has provided to enable CICM to aid in drought relief efforts. Once again, He has worked through you, our supporters, to meet the needs of thousands of people! Praise the Lord! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your response, prayers and generous gifts! We are so grateful for all you do that allows CICM to show the love of Christ!

God is working through the drought to draw those in need to Himself. CICM needs support now more than ever to continue to send more people to the field to evangelize and reach people for Jesus Christ. Please continue to pray about how you can be involved to help spread the hope of the Gospel.

Thank you for your partnership and helping to make a difference in these beautiful lives!!

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2015 Annual Report!

We praise the Lord as we review all the work he has done through CICM in 2015! We give all thanks to God for His faithfulness and provision!

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Urgent Request – Letter from Dr. Lall

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

It is with heavy hearts we write to you today. The country of India is facing a drought that is worse than anything we have faced in the last 10 years.  CNN has reported that our national water table is down nearly 75% and over 330 million people are being affected. Our national news in India has also stated that in the Bundeli region, where our CICM headquarters is located, over 1.8 million people have fled to other regions of India due to famine and no drinking water.  Just today, we read an article by AsiaNews stating that the situation in some areas has become so dire that farmers are even selling their wives and children into slavery in order to buy clean drinking water.  Millions of people are praying for monsoon to come in order to take away the drought, but many experts are saying that our rainy season may not be enough to cure the drought.  We need a move of God.

We have one well on our property in Damoh that is normally filled with at least 70 feet of water.  Today, it has gone down to less than one foot.  At this point, we are having to delay bringing our nursing students and Bible college students back on campus because we will not have enough water for all of them. We humbly come to you asking for help in the following ways:

1.  We are asking you to pray.  Pray that God would bring rain onto this nation and pray that His name would be praised because of it.  Would you please stop and pray right now as you are reading this?

2.  We are also asking for financial support in order to dig deeper wells in our region to help the people that are so desperate for water.  We will also be filling tractor-tankers with water from these water sources to take to areas that have no access to water or to areas where the wells have dried up.  Our prayer is that through digging wells and providing water, we will not only quench their physical thirst, but also have an opportunity to share with them the Truth of the Living Water, Jesus Christ.

Below is a breakdown of the cost to help with this emergency:

Drilled well — $2,500

Tractor with Tanker that can hold 1,000 gallons of water — $14,500

Dug Well — 30 ft. wide by 50 ft deep — $18,000

Tata Truck 709 with a tanker of 2,000 gallons of water — $24,600

Please prayerfully consider donating any amount by visiting indiamission.org and notating “Emergency Water Project”. You can send all checks to:
Central India Christian Mission
22 West Bryan St. #302
Savannah, GA 31401

Please write “Emergency Water Project” in the Memo Line.

We are grateful for any help you can give! Please continue to pray for this country and all those affected. Pray that God would move mightily and His presence would be known.
Thank you for being a part of the CICM family and for your love and prayers!

May God bless you,

Dr. Ajai Lall




Prayer for CICM

Join us in prayer as we ask for God’s continual provision over Central India Christian Mission and all those who are involved. Our prayer is for God to be glorified as we bring the message of Jesus Christ to those who need it most. We celebrate all who have found hope in Him and for the many ways we see Him work through this Ministry.

We also ask for the Lord’s protection. India and the surrounding countries are very hostile towards Christians and there are many Hindu Extremists who oppress Christian Ministries. Despite continual persecution and violence, our Brothers and Sisters have held strong to the promises of the Lord. We pray that He would continue to sustain their faith and guard their families from harm.

Thank you for your incredible love and support, we are grateful for partners who are committed to pray!

Blind Leading The Blind

Sometimes the blind leading the blind is a good thing. A blind teacher teaching braille to blind students.

His passion and compassion is evident as he patiently uses his hands to guide the fingers of young students over the pins on the braille tablets. He says, “I think by teaching these blind students I am serving God.”

Before coming to this home and school for the blind and deaf, most of these blind students were begging on the streets. “My first goal is that children who are blind should not have to go and beg,” he says. He tells everyone he meets that they should support blind people for their entire education and not just by giving one time to a blind beggar. According to the national newspaper Daily Mail in the United Kingdom, “… as many as 44,000 children fall into the clutches of the beggar mafia in India each year, and of these, hundreds are deliberately mutilated.”

This teacher says he is thrilled to be teaching at the Christian orphanage and  school because Christians don’t see blindness as a curse. “Nobody supported me when I was growing up blind. These children are so fortunate that the mission is doing so much on their behalf.” He adds, with obvious joy and pride, “I am confident that these children will one day get good jobs, not only in India, but abroad too. And hopefully, they will support children like themselves that have struggled.”

More than anything else, this incredible teacher wishes many more people would understand and contribute to the cause of educating these students. “There are so many blind children on the waiting list to join us. Please support us so we can help more blind children.”

To get involved with helping give these beautiful children an education, please give here, www.indiamission.org/give

Christian Extremism

We are excited to introduce to you Christian Extremism: A Life Worth Dying For written by Dr. Ajai Lall and Josh Howard!

Christian Extremism is a call to action for Christians to get out of their comfort zones and become extreme with their faith. Through heartbreaking stories of real-life persecution and uncomfortable challenges, this book will change how you live out your faith in a country where freedom of religion seems to sometimes lessen our proclivity to claim the Gospel of Christ rather than ignite that calling. Dr. Lall and Josh Howard propose that extreme faith will “result in a move of God that can transform this world in an incredible way.” Don’t miss the appeal of this book for all Christians to be “either all out or all in” when responding to Jesus’s final command to “go and make disciples of all nations.”

This book will challenge your faith, and make you reassess your priorities as a Believer. We encourage you to get a copy and be encouraged to live an extreme Christian life for Jesus Christ. 

100% of the proceeds from this book go directly back into the Mission to fund the work being done by CICM.
Visit christian-extremism.com to learn more, see what others are saying, and to download a free preview of the book. After purchasing and reading the book, please consider leaving a rating for Christian Extremism.

*Bulk purchases are available, please email info@indiamission.org for more information.

CICM Welcomes Kevin Dooley

Central India Christian Mission is excited to introduce Kevin Dooley to you as the Chief Development Officer. Kevin comes to CICM with a breadth of experience in the missions and ministry fields and a heart to reach the unreached with the Gospel.

Kevin and his wife, Kim, served in Central America for ten years in community development, leadership development and church planting initiatives in association with a medical mission.  After returning to the USA, Kevin served as the executive director with FAME. Since then, Kevin founded GlobalHOPE Initiatives, and for the last 11 years has been promoting peace globally in non-Christian regions of the world through business, education and community development initiatives. Kevin currently serves CICM providing state-side leadership and development. Kevin and Kim have four children and live in the Indianapolis area attending Plainfield Christian Church.  Kevin has a BA from Ozark Christian College, an MA in Counseling from Cincinnati Christian Seminary and an MA in Intercultural Studies from Wheaton College.

Thank you for your continued faithful support, and your prayers for CICM, the Lall family, the India Staff, the US Staff and the Board of Directors. We firmly believe that the best and most fruitful days of the Mission are ahead and that together, we can be a part of a Ministry that is literally changing the world for Jesus Christ.

Kevin Dooley – Chief Development Officer
Allison Kimbrell – Chief Operating Officer
Lindsay Reese – Sponsorship Coordinator
Lisa Yow – Director of Communications
Margaret Murphy – Director of Accounting

Please know that the entire US Office Staff exists to serve the Mission and our supporters’ needs. Reach out to us anytime with general inquiries at info@indiamission.org. For more information on how you can partner with CICM, please contact Kevin at kdooley@indiamission.org or text Kevin at 317-728-6012.

The Bal Bhavan Home

Bal Bhavan, located in Damoh, India, is one of our Children’s Homes with up to 100 children at a time. Here the children range in ages from 4-16 years old. Each are given a place to live, learn, grow and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ! Each child is loved and cared for, and has the opportunity to get an education and then go on to college. Many children have given their lives to Christ and are encouraged to continue to grow in His truths.
We are grateful for all those who give financially and prayerfully for these children. They have been given an opportunity to change their future!
The cost for Bal Bhavan operations is $300/daily or $9000/month, breaking down to about $3 a day per child. This money goes toward teacher and caretaker salaries, building upgrades and resources for the children. To give a gift toward these efforts please visit the Give page on our website.



5,000 children sponsored



1,400 churches planted



400,000+ people baptized



72,000 patients treated yearly at the Mission Hospital



450+ Christian leaders trained at Bible Academies

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