CICM Welcomes Kevin Dooley

Central India Christian Mission is excited to introduce Kevin Dooley to you as the Chief Development Officer. Kevin comes to CICM with a breadth of experience in the missions and ministry fields and a heart to reach the unreached with the Gospel.

Kevin and his wife, Kim, served in Central America for ten years in community development, leadership development and church planting initiatives in association with a medical mission.  After returning to the USA, Kevin served as the executive director with FAME. Since then, Kevin founded GlobalHOPE Initiatives, and for the last 11 years has been promoting peace globally in non-Christian regions of the world through business, education and community development initiatives. Kevin currently serves CICM providing state-side leadership and development. Kevin and Kim have four children and live in the Indianapolis area attending Plainfield Christian Church.  Kevin has a BA from Ozark Christian College, an MA in Counseling from Cincinnati Christian Seminary and an MA in Intercultural Studies from Wheaton College.

Thank you for your continued faithful support, and your prayers for CICM, the Lall family, the India Staff, the US Staff and the Board of Directors. We firmly believe that the best and most fruitful days of the Mission are ahead and that together, we can be a part of a Ministry that is literally changing the world for Jesus Christ.

Kevin Dooley – Chief Development Officer
Allison Kimbrell – Chief Operating Officer
Lindsay Reese – Sponsorship Coordinator
Lisa Yow – Director of Communications
Margaret Murphy – Director of Accounting

Please know that the entire US Office Staff exists to serve the Mission and our supporters’ needs. Reach out to us anytime with general inquiries at For more information on how you can partner with CICM, please contact Kevin at or text Kevin at 317-728-6012.

The Bal Bhavan Home

Bal Bhavan, located in Damoh, India, is one of our Children’s Homes with up to 100 children at a time. Here the children range in ages from 4-16 years old. Each are given a place to live, learn, grow and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ! Each child is loved and cared for, and has the opportunity to get an education and then go on to college. Many children have given their lives to Christ and are encouraged to continue to grow in His truths.
We are grateful for all those who give financially and prayerfully for these children. They have been given an opportunity to change their future!
The cost for Bal Bhavan operations is $300/daily or $9000/month, breaking down to about $3 a day per child. This money goes toward teacher and caretaker salaries, building upgrades and resources for the children. To give a gift toward these efforts please visit the Give page on our website.

CICM Cares For New Mothers And Babies

Every year Central India Christian Mission helps hundreds of women and babies at the Mission Hospital. With our Mother and Child wing, we are able to serve new mothers and their infants specifically to meet their needs. Yearly we deliver over 600 babies and offer care for them and their mothers.

The name Mission Hospital speaks true to our vision; we are committed to helping people in Jesus’ name! We thank God for the opportunities to build relationships and offer physical and spiritual help to so many new mothers and families.

Would you give to help us continue to make an impact? Your donation would go towards helping new mothers and babies receive the love and care they deserve.

LEAP Visits Our Mission Hospital in Damoh

We were blessed to welcome the incredible doctors of The LEAP Foundation in their annual visit to our Mission Hospital in Damoh late February. These doctors and volunteers are dedicated to spreading the goodness of the Lord by performing life-changing surgeries free of charge to those in need around the world. In 2014, LEAP’s visit to our facility forever changed the lives of 130 children. This year, we had 361 children register for this opportunity. These children suffered from various deformities such as cleft lip, cleft palate, and burns that, in their society, come marked with heavy stigma.


Our medical Missions and LEAP seek not only to improve these children’s physical appearance and health, but also aim to open a vast new world of possibilities and opportunity in each child’s life. In many of these cultures in India, a birth defect or physical deformity is viewed as a mark of bad karma, a stigma that follows a child their entire life. This stigma typically leads to a child being outcast and subjected to a lifelong struggle for the same opportunity as their neighbor.


Through the surgeries performed by LEAP, we are able to watch these children’s lives open to endless possibility and their hearts open to receive the boundless love and acceptance of our Lord. Through Him, every person has a chance to reach their full potential.


To help us further His work through our Medical Ministry, follow the link and click the Medical Ministry tab.

For more information on the fantastic work of our partners, visit their website

Philip Yancey Visits CICM

CICM was honored to host Philip Yancey and his wife Mrs. Janet Yancey. Brother Philip held a seminar in Central India on Grace and Suffering. He also took part in a dedication of two of Dr. Ajai Lall’s sermon books and Dr. Indu Lall’s book on Revelation.

On his visit to CICM, Philip Yancey stated “On a personal visit, I was amazed at both the breadth and the depth of CICM’s outreach. I met pastors who had come from all over India for training and inspiration. A school, a youth center, a hospital, refugee housing, nursing and vocational training–all these programs have sprung up organically, as pioneer settlements of God’s Kingdom in a needy land.”



PYancey2014 - 3

PYancey2014 - 4

Philip Yancey is an American Christian author. Fourteen million copies of his books have been sold worldwide, making him one of the best-selling evangelical Christian authors. For more information on Philip Yancey, visit

2017 Global Gathering to be Held in India

We are excited to announce that the World Convention’s Global Gathering will be held January 12-15, 2017 in New Delhi, India. Dr. Ajai Lall will be the President of the 2017 Convention, and we are looking forward to gathering with Christians from all over the globe to focus on reaching the unreached and encouraging the persecuted.

Please visit or for more information and updates on the gathering. Please also take a few moments to watch the World Convention video.

Youth Conferences

We want to make you aware of a special request regarding the six Youth Conferences that take place in India each year in October. These conferences bring many young people to CHRIST and help fuel the Ministry and grow the Kingdom. Last year alone, over 1,500 young adults accepted CHRIST as their Savior and Lord and more than 300 made commitments to work full time in the Ministry!

The average cost for each of these conferences varies based on location and attendance, but covers  the location rental and security, and also provides each student with transportation, food and housing for three days.

These youth are the future of India and will play a key role in spreading the Gospel here. Our prayer is to be able to hold six conferences again this year. However, we do not have enough financial support at this time to host six, but will host as many youth conferences as funding allows. Would you consider giving to help fund these conferences?

We are grateful for our partners’ love and commitment to Central India Christian Mission. We pray that GOD would continue to bless this Ministry and all support for the Mission.Youth


2013 CICM Annual Report

CICM’s 2013 Annual Report is here and we are continually blessed and overwhelmed by what God is doing in and through this Ministry. Click on the page images below to pull up a larger view.
2013 Annual ReportScreen Shot 2014-05-14 at 11.49.57 AMScreen Shot 2014-05-14 at 11.50.56 AMScreen Shot 2014-05-14 at 11.51.27 AMScreen Shot 2014-05-14 at 11.52.15 AM

What Evangelism Looks Like in India


This CICM evangelist ministers to six villages and has led more than 600 people to Christ. In March, he, his wife and their five year old son suffered severe persecution in their home as a result of spreading the Gospel. They have since fled and are now recovering in a safe place.

Unfortunately, persecution is a daily threat for many. Join us in lifting this family up to the Great Physician, and the many evangelists across the globe as well, who are working the harvest in the name of Jesus Christ.



5,000 children sponsored



1,400 churches planted



400,000+ people baptized



72,000 patients treated yearly at the Mission Hospital



450+ Christian leaders trained at Bible Academies

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