Aatma Vikas

Taking its name from the Hindi words for “self-progress,”Aatma Vikas is devoted to serving local communities in India through their technical training centers. These training centers provide pathways for local leaders and villagers to become financially self-sufficient. Aatma Vikas promotes dignity through economic empowerment and provides much needed products and services to local communities across India.

At CICM’s training centers, students are taught valuable skills such as sewing, electrical work, tractor & automobile driving, and small furniture crafting. The education these students receive  enables community development and equips villagers with training that provides a better income for themselves and their families.

With limited access to education, many villagers, especially women, have a singular employment opportunity– making beedis, a cigarette filled with tobacco flakes wrapped in a tendu leaf. These women make only fifty cents per fourteen hour day and inhale tobacco dust and other volatile components. Aatma Vikas offers training to these women, providing them the opportunity to obtain a safe and higher paying job.

Aatma Vikas also  distributes solar lights to villages with little or no electricity and offers fertilizer, water filters, and a host of other products that have improved the quality of life for residents in India.

If you would like to view our Aatma Vikas informational video, please email info@indiamission.org.


5,000 children sponsored


1,400 churches planted


400,000+ people baptized


72,000 patients treated yearly at the Mission Hospital


450+ Christian leaders trained at Bible Academies

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