Leadership Training

Training effective leaders is vital to the continued outreach of CICM. Leaders are needed to teach and shepherd our existing congregations and to begin ministries in new areas.

CICM has three leadership training centers- Central India Biblical Academy (CIBA), Darjeeling International Bible Academy (DIBA) and the Delhi Training Center. Hundreds of new Christian leaders have been trained at these academies to go out and spread the name of Jesus to unreached areas. Coming from a variety of religious and socioeconomic backgrounds, these students share a common desire to devote their lives to spreading the Gospel.

CIBA serves Hindi-speaking students from several states of central and northern India. Students enroll in either a one or two year leadership training program focusing on Bible teaching and leadership training, preparing them to plant churches in unreached village areas. Following their classroom training, students are involved in internships with established church planters.

DIBA’s focus is training church planters to reach northeast India and the neighboring countries.  Many students that attend DIBA have a desire to return to their home country with the Gospel.  Because of where it is strategically located, DIBA provides a gateway for the Gospel to enter four countries where the Christian population is less than 1% and most people have never heard of Jesus. The Delhi Center focuses on urban church planting in major cities.

CICM  has a literature ministry that equips students and church planters with textbooks, commentaries, preacher’s manuals and VBS curriculum which helps them become effective leaders. This part of CICM’s ministry makes it possible share the work of many Christian writers and teachers in a language that the church planters can understand.

If you would like to view our informational video on CIBA, please email info@indiamission.org.


5,000 children sponsored


1,400 churches planted


400,000+ people baptized


72,000 patients treated yearly at the Mission Hospital


450+ Christian leaders trained at Bible Academies

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