Medical Ministry

CICM’s medical ministry not only provides for the physical needs of people people in India, but also introduces them to the Gospel.

The medical ministry includes the CICM Mission Hospital, Kansa Village Clinic and Dental Clinic. CICM also holds medical camps in remote villages. 18 doctors and a team of more than 100 personnel staff these facilities. This medical team treats 4,000 to 5,000 patients each month.

The Mission Hospital is open to all, regardless of religion or ability to pay, and serves a geographic area with a population of nearly 10 million. The compassionate staff provides excellent medical care to this greatly underserved population. The Kansa Village clinic serves more than 50 villages, reaching those who cannot get themselves to the hospital.

One of our closest partners is the LEAP Foundation and once every year their team of doctors and nurses come to India to perform cleft and lip palate surgeries. This gift to the children who receive it, is completely life changing, allowing them to again interact with other people, gain friends and a hope for their future.

CICM’s medical ministry also has a College of Nursing which offers a three-year Diploma in Nursing as well as a four year Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. The College of Nursing is associated with the State University (M.P.,) accredited by the Indian Nursing Council and State government for B.Sc. Nursing. It is open to educationally qualified young people of any religion, gender, or socio-economic status. CICM’s nursing college provides a quality education and vocation to many young people. Not only do the graduates have an opportunity for a bright future with a fulfilling profession, but also many of them will use nursing to share the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.

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5,000 children sponsored


1,400 churches planted


400,000+ people baptized


72,000 patients treated yearly at the Mission Hospital


450+ Christian leaders trained at Bible Academies

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