Aatma Vikas

CICM responds to the needs of people in India and surrounding countries through outreach initiatives including providing medical care, disaster relief, shelter, food, education, training, and more.

Taking its name from the Hindi word for self-progress, Aatma Vikas is devoted to providing pathways to the mistreated and marginalized that allow access to economic empowerment, meaningful employment, restored dignity and transformed futures. Aatma Vikas exists to provide relevant technical training skills and holistic development courses that change the trajectory of graduates’ lives, equipping them to become valuable and contributing members of their communities and support their families.

Vocational Training

Through its training centers, Aatma Vikas students are taught valuable skills such as sewing, jewelry making, electrical work, tractor and automobile driving and more. The training center in the Bundeli region serves rural men and women from over 20 neighboring villages. This training center offers four-month technical training on four different trades: Tractor and automobile driving, sewing and stitching, beautician training and electrical and mobile phone repair. Most of the women from this area who come to the training center were either involved in manual labor or local cigarette rolling, providing them with only 30-50 cents for an entire day’s work. The training center in Madhya Pradesh offers two vocational training programs: electrical and mobile phone repair and sewing and stitching.

To learn more about Aatma Vikas, please visit avikas.org. To give towards Aatma Vikas, please click here.

Rescue Women

The center in Northern India partners with women who are or have been trapped in the sex-trafficking industry. Working with women in local brothel communities, Aatma Vikas is providing care and counsel, both to the women and their children, and establishing trust within the larger community. For those who are willing and able to leave the brothel community, this center offers a secure offsite facility where they can continue their training. For those who are unable to leave the community, there is a location within the area that provides the same holistic support and training that will equip these women to leave their current trade when they are able.

To learn more about Aatma Vikas, please visit avikas.org. To give towards Aatma Vikas, please click here.