Children’s Ministry

CICM responds to the needs of people in India and surrounding countries through outreach initiatives including providing medical care, disaster relief, shelter, food, education, training, and more.

In India, the need is greater than we can meet with the number of homeless and hungry children reaching into the millions. The Children’s Ministry exists to help as many of these children as possible by providing them with food, shelter, clothing, bedding, healthcare, education and the knowledge and love of their Heavenly Father.

Every Child

Because the need is great and constantly growing, the CICM Children's Ministry has over 6,000 children in the Every Child program and many many more that still need help.

The children come from various parts of India. Some are orphans, and others live with their family but are so poor, the family couldn’t feed or take care of the child, much less provide them with an education, without the help of CICM. Many of the children have been rescued out of slavery or child labor situations because a CICM evangelist has brought them to CICM to be part of the Every Child program.  

A recurring gift of just $30 per month takes care of these children. Your monthly gift provides them with shelter, food, clothing, and education. It also opens the door for CICM to teach these children about Christ. Each child in the sponsorship program attends a CICM church and because of this, we have seen many children and entire families come to Christ. 

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The goal of the Children’s Ministry is to raise up a young generation of Christians by providing effective Biblical teaching and Christian mentorship. Your gifts and prayers for the children cared for by CICM are magnified as they learn about Christ and share His gospel with their families and communities, and as they grow up. 

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Children's Homes

Of the more than 6,000 children impacted by the Children's Ministry, more than 1,000 are loved and cared for in one of five CICM Children’s Homes. These children were abandoned or orphaned for various reasons, and as such, CICM has taken them in to a shelter, feed, clothe and educate them. 

We call these Children's Homes. The word for "orphan" in Hindi means fatherless. We want these children to know that they have a Father who loves them very much and that they have a safe place to live and grow up. 

Bal Bhavan, CICM’s first children’s home, takes in babies who are abandoned by their parents or whose parents are unable to care for them. 

The Raigarh home cares for over 135 children with 90 special needs children who are deaf, blind and/or mute. The children living here were abandoned by the Indian government and as a result, taken into the home of a local CICM pastor. 

Jakarhandha/Montipur is home to over 600 abandoned children from the jungle and other tribal or remote areas of India. 

Orissa houses and cares for 65 children who have lost their parents due to severe persecution in the area. 

CICM’s children’s home in northeast India cares for children surrendered by their mothers who work in brothel communities.  

Operating the Children’s Homes is an extremely important and, as one would expect, rather expensive task. Donations towards the Children’s Ministry helps CICM pay for things like electricity and hot water, caretakers, teachers, necessary building upgrades and repairs, supplies, and the like. CICM could not operate these homes and shelter these precious children without the generous gifts of our supporters.  

To provide the foundational care and resources for operating these children’s homes, click here.

Youth Ministry

CICM’s Children’s Ministry also exists to provide a safe place for India’s youth to gather. CICM operates a youth center where those in their teens and twenties can come to hang out, play games, listen to music and learn about God in a safe and positive environment. These young people often bring friends and neighbors, allowing CICM to reach even more people for Christ that otherwise may have never heard His name. 

CICM hosts various youth conferences throughout India each year. These conferences reach thousands for Christ and year after year we see hundreds commit their lives to Him for the very first time and to full-time Christian service.  

We are only able to offer as many conferences and take as many attendees as donations allow. To give to the Youth Ministry, please click here.