CICM responds to the needs of people in India and surrounding countries through outreach initiatives including providing medical care, disaster relief, shelter, food, education, training, and more.

In all that we do, our primary focus is to share the Gospel with the unreached.

Church Planting

Since 1982, through God’s will and hand of provision CICM has planted over 1,600 churches where on any given Sunday, over 360,000 people gather to worship. CICM has a growing team of dedicated church planters who regularly start new ministries in unreached regions. Many of CICM’s church planters were trained at CICM’s Bible Academies. Others earned ministry and theology degrees from colleges and seminaries in India and come to be a part of the work God is doing through CICM.

Most church planters serve more than one congregation. Throughout the week they share the Gospel and help provide for the needs of the people in the villages and areas they serve. These church planters also help identify children who may need to be rescued or enter CICM’s sponsorship program.

There are many ways you can send out a church planter. Just $250/month or $3,000/year supports a church planter full-time. As a result of each of their efforts, we are seeing hundreds of people per year immersed into Christ.

What to multiply a church planter's efforts? Church planters who have a bicycle or motorbike are able to reach more areas with the Gospel. Consider giving $75 for a bicycle or $1,200 for a church planter to have a motorcycle.

As congregation becomes established, helping to build a church building is $25,000.

To give towards church planting in any amount, click here.

Evangelist Sponsorship

Evangelist Sponsorship

CICM’s church planters receive support through the evangelist sponsorship program. Many of our church planters leave previous places of employment because they’ve decided to dedicate their lives to taking the Gospel to their villages, peoples and the unreached. Many also have secondary jobs on the side to earn income to support their families.

You, your small group, or even your Sunday school class can help support and grow this ministry by sponsoring an evangelist for $250 per month ($3,000/year).

Please contact our sponsorships with any questions at Elie@indiamission.org.

Prison Ministry

Many church planters are involved in CICM’s Prison Ministry throughout India and visit more than 35 prisons, with over 45,000 prisoners. Evangelists preach to the prisoners and correspond with those who have a desire to learn more about Jesus. The Prison Ministry also teaches and ministers to many family members of prisoners.

Literature Ministry

CICM’s Literature Ministry provides textbooks, commentaries, preacher’s manuals, VBS curriculum and many other literature pieces that help church planters and evangelists further refine their skills, grow in leadership and knowledge of the Bible, and share with their congregations and churches. The Literature Ministry makes it possible to share the work of many Christian writers and teachers in a language that the church planters and their congregations can read and understand.

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