Leadership Training

CICM responds to the needs of people in India and surrounding countries through outreach initiatives including providing medical care, disaster relief, shelter, food, education, training, and more.

Training effective leaders is vital to reach the unreached for Christ. Indian Christian leaders are essential to teaching and shepherding CICM’s existing congregations and churches and beginning churches and ministries in new areas.

Bible Academies

CICM has three leadership training centers: Central India Biblical Academy (CIBA), Darjeeling International Bible Academy (DIBA) and the Delhi Training Center. Hundreds of new Christian leaders have been trained at these academies to go out and spread the name of Jesus to unreached areas. One of the most effective ways CICM can reach the unreached for Christ is through training Christian leaders from all over India and sending those leaders back to the villages where they live and work to minister to the people there. 

Students enroll in either a one or two-year leadership training program that focuses on Bible teaching, witnessing and leadership skills. These courses prepare them to plant churches in unreached village areas. Following completion of their classroom training, students work with seasoned church planters as interns before setting off to start their own churches and ministries. 

CIBA serves Hindi-speaking students from several States of central and northern India. DIBA is strategically located in a place that is considered the gateway to four neighboring countries. Because of this, most students have a strong desire to return to their home country and share the Gospel in areas where the Christian population is less than 1% and most people have never heard of the name of Jesus. The Delhi Center focuses on urban church planting in major cities. 

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Ignite is an initiative of CICM to start missional movements through training and counseling people to go out and train and counsel others. At its core, it’s about disciples who make disciples who make disciples. 

While the Ignite training course was originally designed in India for CICM church planters and disciple-makers, now it is available to you, your church, Sunday school class, congregation or group of friends. The course will teach you how you can start a movement that can change the world for Christ right where you live. 

Please visit ignitetheworld.co to learn more and to purchase the training course.