the Call

Ajai and Indu Lall founded Central India Christian Mission in 1982 with a calling to obey Jesus’ Great Commission by establishing a mission center in their home country. What started with these two faithful servants has grown into a multifaceted mission helping thousands of people each year through evangelistic and benevolent ministries. MORE

Caring for
the Children

The children's ministry provides for more than 600 orphans and at risk children. The sponsorship program supports over 4,500 children in need. Every dollar received for the children’s ministry is sent directly to India for these children to receive food, shelter and an education. MORE

Serving Christ
from the heart of India

Taking the knowledge and love of Christ to the unreached in India, Nepal, Tibet, Bangladesh and Bhutan. MORE

Caring for
those in need

Our medical ministry truly helps share the message of Christ with the people of India. Patients cannot often understand why we want to help them when their own neighbors turn a blind eye. We tell them that the reason for our compassion is simple, Jesus Christ. MORE

When we talk to them about the love of Jesus...

The bleating of water buffalo partially drown out the voice of Pastor Thapa as he prays for the villagers gathered to hear him teach. MORE

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